Success Stories: Our Journey

Success Stories: Our Journey

Magnussen Family Woodside, CA

Bo and Heidi + Zoe and Poppy

  • Tried unsuccessfully with 2 painful miscarriages
  • Told by doctors it was impossible to maintain pregnancy
  • FertilityBlend helped us have healthy pregnancies

Our fertility journey is long and convoluted, painful, and very sad at times, as many are. But, luckily for us, the end of our story holds the most beautiful reward: two amazing beings…..our daughters, Zoe and Poppy!

After being married 7 years, we decided that we were at a point in our lives where we were both really looking forward to starting a family. I was 32 at the time, and after the first month of trying…..we were pregnant. Eight weeks later, we were not. I took some time after that for my body to recover, then after 14 months of trying, we were again pregnant. Twelve weeks later, we were not. I was utterly dismayed by the medical stuff. A month after having to have a D&C, my body shockingly started going into contractions again, and expelled what were the remains of our baby. It was so painful emotionally and physically to endure the loss of our second baby a second time.

Several months later we were both having procedures done to check our fertility. After a physically painful dye test on my fallopian tubes, the performing doctor informed me that it would be nearly impossible for us to get or stay pregnant with the heart shape of my Arcuate uterus. After seeking the help of a natural practitioner/healer, we were pregnant six weeks later. Our amazing daughter, Zoe Bliss, was born just after I turned 35.

When Zoe was 3 we were again pregnant. At 20 weeks we were literally crushed: while still on the ultrasound table and having just been told the gender, we were informed that our baby had anencephaly. Although there is no chance of survival with this diagnosis, we made the excruciating decision to end his life and we tried our best to move forward with ours.

That was a very dark and sad time in our lives, but one year later, nearly to the day we had said goodbye to Bodhi, we were pregnant again. In preparation for trying to get pregnant this time we both started taking Fertility-Blend. After only one month of trying, we were again expecting and this time with a healthy baby girl. Poppy Leone was born! Zoe was 4 ½ at the time. We could not have been more blessed and our hearts more fulfilled! Our girls needed the assistance of a natural healing touch to come into this world……. Zoe with her healer and Poppy with Fertility Blend.

We are so grateful to both!

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