Success Stories: Never Too Late

Success Stories: Never Too Late

The Davies Story in Sunnyvale, CA

Laura Murphy and Craig Davies + Ross and Ian

  • Tried unsuccessfully for 18 months
  • Told by doctor “it’s too late”
  • Successful in having two boys after that with help of FertilityBlend

In the quiet exam room, I waited for the news. We had tried to get pregnant for over a year and a half. The doctor finally came in and said very matter-of-factly that “based on the test results, you will never be able to have children, it’s too late”. He promptly left and I burst into tears, shocked and numb and in disbelief. I had wanted children all my life and was finally ready to have one and I was being told I could not. I waited too long and it was now too late, but how could it be too late?

I called my husband Craig immediately and through tears told him what the doctor had said. He was very supportive and said we would get a second opinion and try other means if necessary. I switched doctors and the second one, although not as negative, said there were definite issues because of my advanced age! We were just preparing to begin the invasive testing when we saw an advertisement for a fertility vitamin study. We thought, why not? We have waited 1 1/2 years, let’s try this three month study. We signed up and were tested and were accepted into the study. We took the FertilityBlend vitamins for three months. He took the male blend, I took the female blend. It was very easy, they just replaced the vitamins we took daily anyway. We checked my temperature each day and kept trying to get pregnant.

The month following the study, to our surprise, we were pregnant! It was the most amazing and best news we had ever received! We were finally going to have a baby!!! We were thrilled beyond belief! A beautiful, blond, brown-eyed, Ross Cameron Davies, came into the world after a wonderful nine months, our own little miracle. We waited about a year and began taking FertilityBlend again. Only a month later, on Christmas Day, 2002, I found out we were pregnant with our second little boy, the best present I could have asked for. An adorable blond, blue-eyed, Ian Sutherland Davies, came into the world in 2003.

We consider ourselves so lucky and are so happy to have both our beautiful boys. They are the most wonderful little guys and the best thing we have ever done. We are truly blessed and so thankful that we tried FertilityBlend!

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