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We want to offer our sincere thank you to everyone here who has offered to share their stories of success with others! We wish everyone that visits this site our best in your efforts to start or grow your family.

Elliott family success story

A New Life

Elliott Family Walnut Creek, CA

Tim and Julie Elliott + Lily and Ryan


  • Tried unsuccessfully for over 6 months
  • No success even with fertility drugs
  • Successful with FertilityBlend within 3 months


Wouldn’t life be easier if we could script it all out ahead of time and know exactly when everything was going to happen? That’s not how life is though, is it? Our story begins over 5 years ago. Tim and I were married in June of 2004. I was teaching full time and we planned on starting a family after we had been married for one year. We came to the end of that first year of marriage, I stopped teaching full time and started my own private tutoring business thinking it would be the perfect job to have while having children. The only piece missing from our plan was that I wasn’t pregnant.


We tried to get pregnant for 6 more months, thinking, “It’s GOT to happen sometime.” After those six months, I made an appointment to see my OB doctor. I remember being very nervous as I asked her what she suggested we do. I was hesitant to go on fertility drugs and yet that is what she prescribed to me. I tried them for 2 months. Those were the most difficult 2 months in our journey. They sent me on a hormonal roller coaster that I couldn’t control. I decided that there had to be another way.


My friend had suggested FertilityBlend to me months earlier and I finally decided that it was time to try it out. After my experience with the fertility drugs, I loved the fact that FertilityBlend was completely natural and wouldn’t have any negative side effects. Both my husband and I took the supplements for 3 months and were thrilled on that early June morning to discover that we were expecting a baby. Words can’t describe what you feel when your desires are fulfilled after a long season of waiting. Our precious Lily Rebecca was born on February 17, 2007. There are still questions that will never be answered as to why we had wait as long as we did for Lily to come into our lives. The biggest one being, “Why could we not have gotten pregnant sooner?” Lily’s Grammie Elliott, Tim’s mom, passed away when I was 6 months into my pregnancy. Someday they will meet Elliott Family face to face and Lily can be proud to carry on her Grammie’s beautiful name, Rebecca. We are grateful to God each day for the gift of Lily in our lives.

Davies family success story

Never Too Late

The Davies Story in Sunnyvale, CA

Laura Murphy and Craig Davies + Ross and Ian


  • Tried unsuccessfully for 18 months
  • Told by doctor “it’s too late”
  • Successful in having two boys after that with help of FertilityBlend


In the quiet exam room, I waited for the news. We had tried to get pregnant for over a year and a half. The doctor finally came in and said very matter-of-factly that “based on the test results, you will never be able to have children, it’s too late”. He promptly left and I burst into tears, shocked and numb and in disbelief. I had wanted children all my life and was finally ready to have one and I was being told I could not. I waited too long and it was now too late, but how could it be too late?


I called my husband Craig immediately and through tears told him what the doctor had said. He was very supportive and said we would get a second opinion and try other means if necessary. I switched doctors and the second one, although not as negative, said there were definite issues because of my advanced age! We were just preparing to begin the invasive testing when we saw an advertisement for a fertility vitamin study. We thought, why not? We have waited 1 1/2 years, let’s try this three month study. We signed up and were tested and were accepted into the study. We took the FertilityBlend vitamins for three months. He took the male blend, I took the female blend. It was very easy, they just replaced the vitamins we took daily anyway. We checked my temperature each day and kept trying to get pregnant.


The month following the study, to our surprise, we were pregnant! It was the most amazing and best news we had ever received! We were finally going to have a baby!!! We were thrilled beyond belief! A beautiful, blond, brown-eyed, Ross Cameron Davies, came into the world after a wonderful nine months, our own little miracle. We waited about a year and began taking FertilityBlend again. Only a month later, on Christmas Day, 2002, I found out we were pregnant with our second little boy, the best present I could have asked for. An adorable blond, blue-eyed, Ian Sutherland Davies, came into the world in 2003.


We consider ourselves so lucky and are so happy to have both our beautiful boys. They are the most wonderful little guys and the best thing we have ever done. We are truly blessed and so thankful that we tried FertilityBlend!

Arakawa family success story

Against All Odds

Arakawa Family Castro Valley, CA

David and Natasha Arakawa + Nathan and Corinne


  • Tried unsuccessfully for 24 months
  • Told by doctor almost no chance without fertility drugs or IVF
  • Successful within 3 months on FertilityBlend


The crushing news came after trying to get pregnant for almost two years, and a lifetime of looking forward to it: I had polycystic ovaries. My body produced too little progesterone, an excess


of testosterone, and as a result, I wasn’t ovulating regularly, if at all. The fertility specialist told me my chances of conceiving naturally were slim to none, and immediately prescribed Clomid. I asked if there were other more natural options available, but was told that if I really wanted a baby, I would most likely require the assistance of in vitro fertilization. While I was devastated, I just wasn’t ready to put my body through that.


As luck would have it, two weeks later I read an article in the local paper about a fertility study happening at Stanford University. The researchers were testing a nutritional supplement to measure its effect on women who had been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for at least six months. After three months of taking FertilityBlend, the follow-up blood test showed that my hormone levels had normalized. I was ovulating regularly and predictably. Two months later I took a pregnancy test, expecting the usual result. When it came out positive, I was in utter disbelief. I didn’t tell my husband (so as not to get his hopes up), but ran out to the grocery store at 7:30 a.m. to buy a second test. Only after this one, too, was positive, did I start to believe it. For the rest of my life that will be one of my most vivid and happiest memories ever. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and am thankful everyday for the melt-your-heart smiles, knock-you-over hugs, energy, strength, sweetness, curiosity, and pure joie de vivre that is my son.

Magnussen family success story

Our Journey

Magnussen Family Woodside, CA

Bo and Heidi + Zoe and Poppy


  • Tried unsuccessfully with 2 painful miscarriages
  • Told by doctors it was impossible to maintain pregnancy
  • FertilityBlend helped us have healthy pregnancies


Our fertility journey is long and convoluted, painful, and very sad at times, as many are. But, luckily for us, the end of our story holds the most beautiful reward: two amazing beings…..our daughters, Zoe and Poppy!


After being married 7 years, we decided that we were at a point in our lives where we were both really looking forward to starting a family. I was 32 at the time, and after the first month of trying…..we were pregnant. Eight weeks later, we were not. I took some time after that for my body to recover, then after 14 months of trying, we were again pregnant. Twelve weeks later, we were not. I was utterly dismayed by the medical stuff. A month after having to have a D&C, my body shockingly started going into contractions again, and expelled what were the remains of our baby. It was so painful emotionally and physically to endure the loss of our second baby a second time.


Several months later we were both having procedures done to check our fertility. After a physically painful dye test on my fallopian tubes, the performing doctor informed me that it would be nearly impossible for us to get or stay pregnant with the heart shape of my Arcuate uterus. After seeking the help of a natural practitioner/healer, we were pregnant six weeks later. Our amazing daughter, Zoe Bliss, was born just after I turned 35.


When Zoe was 3 we were again pregnant. At 20 weeks we were literally crushed: while still on the ultrasound table and having just been told the gender, we were informed that our baby had anencephaly. Although there is no chance of survival with this diagnosis, we made the excruciating decision to end his life and we tried our best to move forward with ours. That was a very dark and sad time in our lives, but one year later, nearly to the day we had said goodbye to Bodhi, we were pregnant again. In preparation for trying to get pregnant this time we both started taking Fertility-Blend. After only one month of trying, we were again expecting and this time with a healthy baby girl. Poppy Leone was born! Zoe was 4 ½ at the time. We could not have been more blessed and our hearts more fulfilled! Our girls needed the assistance of a natural healing touch to come into this world……. Zoe with her healer and Poppy with Fertility Blend.


We are so grateful to both!

Harris family success story

“Unexplained Infertility”

The Harris Family in Port Arthur, TX

Shannon and Kendall Harris + Camden


  • Tried unsuccessfully for over 5 years
  • Removed polyp, tried IUI and fertility drugs, but still no success
  • Success after taking FertilityBlend for 7 months


I would like to share my fertility success story with you in the hopes that it may help others struggling to conceive. My husband and I tried to conceive for nearly five years with no success. Although I was in my mid-30s, I was, and am, an extremely healthy person with no medical conditions. The first year, we simply refrained from contraception. When that did not work, I visited my Ob-Gyn who ran several tests and determined that I had “unexplained infertility.” We gradually explored other methods to improve fertility such as using temperature charts and taking the drug Clomid to stimulate ovulation. When that did not work, we visited a specialist who found a small polyp in my uterus and suggested that it be removed as it “could” be blocking sperm from reaching the fallopian tubes. I had the surgery to remove the polyp and still no conception.


Finally, we attempted IUI treatments which included taking more drugs which was very stressful and emotionally draining. None of these methods ever felt right to me and I couldn’t shake the feeling that my female hormones were not in proper balance in order to conceive and carry a baby.


In addition to coming to terms with God’s perfect will and timing, I began taking FertilityBlend in April of 2008. My husband and I took the supplement for seven months before conceiving in October of that year. I am now 40 years old and due with our first baby in July! I have had nothing but an excellent experience with the Daily Wellness Company and will be happy to tell anyone I know about their products and customer service!


I would just like to add that since my letter was first sent, our son, Camden Christopher, was born. He is now 3 ½ months and a joy every day. Looking into his precious face wipes away all the years of struggle and doubt that I experienced trying to conceive. I would tell anyone who is going through a similar experience that FertilityBlend is worth a try, especially when you compare it to the financial and emotional strain of conventional medicine.

Barnes family success story

Miracle Baby

The Barnes Family Sheridan, WY

Tim and Lynette Barnes + Hannah


  • Tried fertility drugs, two rounds of IVF with no success
  • Doctor recommended “donor eggs”
  • Finally successful with FertilityBlend


I always dreamed of someday being a mom and never thought that there would be anything that would keep this dream from coming true. Then, after six years of “trying”, I struggled to come to grips with accepting the fate that the diagnosis of “infertility” was accurate, true, and a sad reality.


My husband (Tim) and I had been married for three years and were ready to start a family. We tried to conceive with the same hope and confidence that every couple has and eagerly awaited for the two pink lines to appear. They never did. After a year of trying on our own, we were diagnosed with infertility and began the grueling and long painstaking process of fertility tests and treatment. After several tests and procedures, it was determined that there was no clear medical diagnoses preventing us from conceiving, and therefore proceeded with more aggressive fertility treatments such as Clomid, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization (IVF). I took Clomid and we did the IUI process for a period of seven months. The doctor’s were very encouraged, as I responded physically well to the Clomid medication. Emotionally, Clomid took its toll on me and my forgiving husband, (who I even threw a tomato at) during the course of my treatment, as Clomid tended to make me enraged, no pun intended, with hormones. After seven months of failed attempts, we were referred to a fertility clinic in Denver, CO.


We then endured two rounds of IVF in Denver, CO. Again, all of the doctors were very hopeful, optimistic, and encouraged by my response to the hormones and the quality of our embryos. Then, the first dread of news would come when the embryologist would call to tell us there were no remaining embryos to freeze. Meaning, the embryos collected did not develop enough to be considered for preservation. While not the determining factor of success by any means, it always made me wonder if the two embryos that were implanted would develop. They never did. In a follow-up conference call with our fertility specialist, we begged for any further information, insight, or hope of things we hadn’t tried, could try, or do something different that would produce positive results; however, the doctor’s words would forever echo…..”not without the use of donor eggs” would she recommend another round of IVF. That left us with the burdening question of “now what?” In one final note, the doctor did add that there had been preliminary studies out of Stanford University supporting an herbal supplement that had produced positive results. She gave me the name of the website,, and then added that eating fresh pineapple had also shown some correlation to fertility.


And, so, with that information, my husband and I decided to take a vacation to Hawaii in search of fresh pineapple and a break from the fertility madness. We would take some time to deliberate and decide what our next step would look like and what path we would take to get there. We also decided in a last stitch effort to try the fertility blend for three months, after-all, given what we had been through, what was one more pill? We started taking the FertilityBlend in January of 2008. We went to Hawaii in February of 2008 and March 9th, 2008 we finally had the two pink lines we desperately had longed for. I couldn’t believe it, my husband couldn’t believe it, and even the doctor’s were pleasantly surprised. Hannah was born September 11th, 2008, eight weeks early, proving to truly be a miracle baby. Many people have asked me what I think “worked” this time, given the odds and many obstacles we faced. No one will ever know the truth behind the success, but I do know that taking the FertilityBlend supplement was the one thing we did different. We are all so truly blessed.

Crumrine family success story

Our Miracle

The Crumrine Family Story

Hayley and Powell Crumrine + Grayson and Kylan


  • Felt something was wrong after several months of trying
  • Did not want husband to use drugs to could increase chance of testicular cancer
  • Safely conceived with help of FertilityBlend


About a year and a half after my husband and I got married we decided it was time to add a new member to our family. After a couple of months of trying I developed a feeling that something was wrong. Always one to trust my feelings I spoke to my husband about my concern. He offered to take an at home fertility test. The test results showed that his counts were low. He then called the Doctor and made an appointment for a proper test. His count came back very low at 4 million. The Doctor told him that without either artificial insemination or possibly in vitro fertilization we would not be able to conceive. The doctor also wanted to put my husband on a prescription that might increase his count but could cause testicular cancer. Unwilling to risk his health and without the money for expensive fertility treatments we decided to just keep trying.


A couple of months later my mom called and said that she had heard of an all natural fertility supplement that had been proven to work. She told me the study had been conducted at Stanford. I was impressed. I got online and after reading over the results I ordered a bottle. My husband started on them immediately and after two months asked the doctor to retest him. His count went up to 12 million! The doctor told us we should be able to conceive on our own. Unfortunately, now that my husband’s fertility was good, mine wasn’t.


My cycles had become very irregular; I ordered a bottle of the women’s FertilityBlend and after just two weeks I was ovulating! That was all it took. Two weeks after I ovulated I took a pregnancy test and could hardly believe it when I saw two lines! I just kept looking at it like the lines were going to disappear. I called my husband and had him meet me for breakfast at a local diner. While we were sitting there I passed the test to him. He looked and then looked again, and then smiled. Ten months after we started trying we were pregnant. We now have a beautiful precious baby boy. I can’t imagine our lives without him.

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