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To Our Valued Customers:

It has recently come to our attention that there are companies on the market making false or unsubstantiated claims on fertility enhancing products that they offer.


Trying to conceive is a serious matter. Using products or treatments that are unsubstantiated could mean wasting valuable time when better options are available. Worst, some products may be unsafe. In evaluating products, be alert for the following:


  1. Success rates that seem too good to be true: Be especially wary when the rates are significantly higher than what even the most promising medical treatments can offer.
  2. Full money-back guarantees: Ask any fertility expert and they will tell you it is impossible to fully guarantee any product or procedure will result in a successful pregnancy. Companies that offer a full money-back guarantee for any product claiming to enhance fertility are not credible. They tend to overcharge for their product in the first place to cover the cost of the inevitable requests for refunds.
  3. Claims that are not based on credible clinical studies: Many companies make claims like “clinically proven” or “clinically tested”, but this is often deceptive. Look for the following to determine if a cited clinical study is credible:
    1. Direct study: The study should be conducted on the exact formula the company is selling, not just a study done on one or two of the ingredients found in the company’s product.
    2. Credible institution: The study should have been conducted at a recognized, credible institution.
    3. Statistically-significant results: The study should include more than a handful of patients, enough so that any positive results are not just a statistical fluke.
    4. Double-blinded, placebo-controlled: Half the patients are given active product during the study and half an inactive sugar pill (placebo-controlled). Both patient and investigator do not know what the patient is taking until after the study is done (double-blinded). These elements in a study are designed to eliminate any psychological biases from influencing the outcome.
  4. Products that state “Doctor or Ob-Gyn approved/recommended”: This language can be misleading because it may reflect the opinion of only one or a few doctors and not the opinion of the general medical profession. Furthermore, the one or few doctors this type of claim refers to may have an economic interest in promoting that specific product.

We hope this information will be helpful in deciding on your best option in maximizing your fertility health!

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